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Jetted Fiber Streamlines Two Network Upgrades for Global Industrial Company

Factory manager accessing pervasive wireless network on laptop.

A global leader in value-added solutions for agriculture, energy and chemical markets was conducting a large-scale overhaul of their network infrastructure at several key campuses. The sites include a variety of industrial / manufacturing plants and support / administrative buildings.

One of the key elements of the upgrade was the implementation of robust pervasive wireless. This would allow staff more productivity and flexibility, allowing them to access the network from anywhere across the campus. It would also provide the infrastructure for a variety of industry 4.0 technologies, including intelligent manufacture and automated vehicles.

Wireless technologies present new challenges, such as high concentrations of users and applications, high bandwidth demand, and a varying number of connected devices. High performance cabling and careful planning would be needed to ensure antennas / wireless access points were able to provide sufficient bandwidth for existing and future demand.

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