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Network infrastructure to support continuous innovation

Georgia-Pacific (GP) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tissue, pulp, packaging, building materials, and related chemicals. A major ongoing project involves overhauling the communications infrastructure in about 90 locations, spanning three of the company’s product areas – consumer products, such as tissue paper and paper towels, packaging and cellulose, which includes cardboard boxes, and building materials like plywood and gypsum.

Since most of GP’s raw material is derived from timber, the locations are largely located in remote, forested regions of the United States – for example, the deep Southeast and the Pacific Northwest. Each rural ‘campus’ installation includes some office accommodation but is mostly industrial-manufacturing footprint.

Agility and continuous innovation are central to GP’s business. However, the existing technology infrastructure at these sites did not have the flexibility or capacity required to support their ambitions. Each site needed robust, future-ready connectivity that would provide capacity for future improvements, while also having the agility to make rapid, frequent changes to the network.

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