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Improve efficiency, reduce costs

Smart facilities management integrates technology, people and processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and keep occupants safe. From security to system performance, proactively monitor and control your smart buildings from a single pane of glass.

Single Pane of Glass Across Systems and Buildings

Connect systems and processes that were previously disparate to get a single overview of everything you need to know. Monitor sensors, devices and equipment and integrate third party systems such as BMS to get a truly holistic view. Log in remotely to gather intelligence or update settings wherever you are.

Proactive Maintenance and Management

Use real-time data and trend analysis to monitor equipment performance and identify changes in equipment or systems long before they become problems. Analyze utilization data to identify the best times for maintenance.

Safety and Security

Help keep occupants secure by tying in building access control and security systems for a 360 view. Share information across different teams to ensure prompt and efficient action to unexpected events. Emergency lighting helps guide occupants to safety in the event of an emergency or power outage.

Clean and Healthy Environments

Integrate scheduling systems and occupancy monitoring with facilities management to ensure equipment is cleaned when it needs to be, ready for the next user, rather than on arbitrary schedules.

Activate systems based on occupancy information to reduce the use of touch-points such as light switches and HVAC controls.



Always-on Monitoring

CoreSync gathers data 24/7, providing peace of mind that conditions are being monitored and managed even if there are no staff in the building. Built on proven PoE infrastructure, CoreSync creates a reliable platform that can be easily adapted and upgraded as requirements change or technology evolves.

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