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Make informed decisions

Healthcare facilities have to serve a multitude of people with different, often critical needs. By making your buildings smart, you can help ensure conditions are always optimal while also relieving the workload on facilities staff. Delivering real-time information on the things that count, CoreSync enables teams to make informed decisions on spaces, conditions and assets, driving short-term improvements and long-term efficiencies.

Safe sanitizing technologies

Modulate and control environmental conditions to create the best experience for occupant type – patients, visitors or staff. Use safe sanitizing light and air filtering technologies to assist in infection control and provide additional peace of mind.

Integrated facilities management

Give your security and facilities management teams access to all the information they need in easy to understand dashboards and summaries. Enable managers to evaluate conditions and update settings on the fly from wherever they are.

Granular, actionable information

Collect and analyze data on a range of conditions and parameters across the campus. Find out where assets are underutilized, where the bottlenecks build up, and where energy is being wasted.

Automate, Analyze, Optimize

CoreSync automates and simplify routine actions, freeing up your staff for more important tasks. Detailed data ensures your time and manpower is invested where it’s needed, and where it will have the most impact. Underpinned by proven PoE infrastructure, CoreSync creates a reliable platform that can be easily adapted and upgraded as requirements change or technology evolves.

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