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Keeping employees happy and healthy

Modern offices are more than just a space to put a PC. The design of workspaces, from layout to lighting, can have measurable impacts on the health and productivity of occupants. Promote wellness with human-centric conditions and safe sanitizing technologies; track employee utilization of desks, rooms and assets to ensure optimal resource utilization; and keep costs under control by collating information from multiple systems into one dashboard.

Optimal conditions, better productivity

By automatically managing workplace conditions, you can make office environments more comfortable and more productive. Modulate lighting temperature to suit circadian rhythms throughout the day, optimize temperature and humidity levels, and use safe sanitizing technologies to promote healthy workplaces.

Save energy, reduce waste

De-siloize energy monitoring by bringing multiple systems together into a single dashboard. Monitor and control energy use across zones, rooms, or even individual pieces of equipment. Set schedules for lighting, AV and other equipment, or use live occupancy data to reduce energy wastage from unnecessary vampire loads.

Adapt to changing working patterns

Gather data on employee use of desks, meeting rooms, equipment and other assets to ensure resources are efficiently allocated. Analyze trends to predict bottlenecks and overcrowding so that you can take preventative measures by changing layouts or schedules.

Always-on Monitoring

CoreSync gathers data 24/7, providing peace of mind that conditions are being monitored and managed even if there are no staff in the building. Built on proven PoE infrastructure, CoreSync creates a reliable platform that can be easily adapted and upgraded as requirements change or technology evolves.

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