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New product: Heavy Duty Duct LT Internal/External PE Fiber Optic Cable – Sub-Saharan Africa


The new range of heavy duty duct fiber optic cables are manufactured in South Africa. This cable is designed for LAN backbones and is suitable for in duct applications. Available in 6, 12 and 24 fiber versions, OS2 singlemode G.652D and OM3 as standard. Other variants can be supplied as required.


  • Suitable for indoor applications on trays and outdoor in ducts
  • PE sheath
  • Non-metallic construction
  • Loose tube construction
  • OS2: Low water peak G.652.D fiber
  • OM3: Suitable for systems operating at 850nm and 1300nm wavelengths

Regional availability:

Sub-Saharan Africa

Datasheet and more information:

Fiber Optic Cable Heavy Duty Duct LT Internal/External PE OM3 – South Africa

Fiber Optic Cable Heavy Duty Duct LT Internal/External PE SM G.652.D – South Africa

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