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Product Change Notification: Brush Tidy Panel

This notification is to inform you about changes to the Brush Tidy Cable Management Panel. As you know we have standardized on the industry black finish for all new introductions of copper panels and fiber enclosures for some time. We are gradually working through the back catalog of panel products and slowly converting those to black too. The brush tidy cable management panel is our latest convert. In addition to the new black finish, we have also reduced the rear cable management plate at the back of the product.

Part number 25.A029G will  be obsoleted on 1st Jul 2022 or when stocks have been depleted.

Old / Obsolete Part No
Replacement Part No
Part No SAP no Description Status Part No SAP no Description
25.A029G 180990013 Brush Tidy Panel, 1U To be
obsoleted 1st
July 2022 or
when stocks
have been
25.A029-04 180990035 Brush Tidy Cable
Management Panel 1U

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