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Product Change Notification: PowerCat 6 U/UTP Cable – Plenum & Riser Americas

Following a review, we will change our manufacturing partner to guarantee cost competitiveness and continuity of supply. This change will occur when stock of existing Category 6 U/UTP cable is consumed.

Category 6 horizontal cable is assumed to be constructed of 23AWG solid core conductors in the TIA/TSB-184-A PoE standards. Molex prides itself on maintaining high standards and compliance with all international and local regulations and codes and will therefore continue to supply a Category 6 U/UTP 23AWG conductor cable via an alternative manufacturing partner, while continuing to be price competitive. The part numbers will remain the same.

Molex’s Category 6 U/UTP Solution is PoE compliant, and the change to our new cable source ensures that by continuing to provide 23AWG copper conductors, this cable is compliant with the IEEE 802.3bt-2018 PoE standard, despite the introduction of cost reduced 24AWG Category 6 cables in the market recently

Date of change: When stocks are consumed

For more information:
View list of part numbers affected by this change

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