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Product Change Notification: SLT3 Tester

The Molex Single Line Tester 3 has been a popular product for many years. This simple, robust and useful tester is still a must-have in installer tool kits. 

This notification is to inform you that the appearance of the this product has changed from grey to with a green latch to black with a red latch. New style testers will start to ship as soon as existing stock of casings are depleted in March or April 2022.

This change does not affect the tester functionality or features, it is purely an aesthetic update.

The part numbers for the product remain the same:

Part No SAP No Description
33A-100-10 180390011 SLT3 Shielded Tester
33-100 180390001 SLT3 Tester UTP
33.D0020P 180390044 SLT3 Shielded Tester (Polish Operating Instructions)
33.B0020 180390005 SLT3 Tester UTP with Carry Case (APAC only)

For more information:
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