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Technical Services Update 2021: Tools, documents and training

The Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions Technical Services team supports our global customer base with a range of documents, tools and training. Throughout 2021 the team has been working hard to update and develop the range on offer. In case you missed any of the updates we’ve provided a summary below.

All documents and tools listed below are available through the Customer Support Portal (CSP) – log in first to be able to follow the links.

Critical Document updates

The following critical documents have recently been updated. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the latest versions and make sure you understand any changes.

Document updates

Our guide to essential structured cabling standards has been updated:

Release of new White Papers:

Latest / recently updated technical documents include:

We now have a total of 48 Tech Bulletins/White Papers available. Click here to view all

Electronic Tools

The CSP is home to our range of consultant tools, designed to help simplify and streamline some of the repetitive calculations needed when designing a structured cabling systems.

We have released 3 tools new for 2021:

Some of our most important Electronic Tools have also received updates and improvements:

  • PoE Calculator : 4 major updates in 2021. Now includes HD Base-T 3 and SDVoE
  • Site Overview Survey (SoS) Tool : New Tab added “Custom Item Importance”, which details the weight/importance of each site inspection criteria
  • Cable Fill Rate Estimator : 3 major updates in 2021, including addition of cable de-rating tables – Both in meters and feet

Video tutorials are also now available for the PoE Calculator in 6 different languages.

Training & Lectures

2 new Data Transport Solutions (structured cabling) training courses are available:

  • BP135 / Advanced Structured Cabling Design and Installation – For existing valid Business Associates that are renewing their current CI Status
  • BP138 / Field Technician training – 6 modules only

We now have a total of 16 Training Courses available for DTS.

New CoreSync Training Catalogue

New for 2021, we launched the CoreSync Academy with 5 new training courses and a 6th coming soon. These courses are designed to provide detailed, practical advice for all those who will be working with the CoreSync smart building platform, from integrators and lighting manufacturers to distributors and end users.

  • BP500 / CoreSync Certified Designer
  • BP510 / CoreSync Certified Technician
  • BP530 / CoreSync Lighting Alliance
  • BP540 / CoreSync Distributor
  • BP550 / CoreSync End-User

Find out more about the CoreSync Academy here.

Lecture Series

In 2021 we delivered 6 free online lectures. All our lectures are available on-demand after the event on the CSP, with accompanying white papers and downloadable FAQs:

  • LS001 / Safe and Easy Ways to Support the Latest PoE Applications
  • LS002 / Safe and Easy Ways For Smart Buildings To Implement Zone Cabling Architectures
  • LS003 / Safe And Easy Ways To Support The Latest A/V Technologies Over Structured Cabling Systems
  • LS004 / The A-B-C’s of Fiber Optic Polarity – Duplex and Parallel Optics Applications

Click here to view / Download

Molex Customer Support Portal

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