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Updates to CoreSync Smart Building Solution: New Window Shades Application, Plug Loads Application and Improved Commissioning

Updates to the CoreSync smart building platform released this month include new applications for window shades and plug loads and improved commissioning and faultfinding functionality.

About CoreSync

CoreSync is an advanced PoE-based smart building solution that enables building owners, occupants and managers to centralize control and management of many building functions. With CoreSync, buildings can become more energy efficient and sustainable, creating spaces that improve occupant wellbeing and productivity while gathering real-time data on usage and environmental conditions. 

New Window Shades Application

The level and tone of lighting in workspaces can significantly impact occupants’ mood and productivity. Making the most of available natural light not only helps reduce expenditure on artificial lighting, the shift in brightness and color (“lighting temperature”) throughout the course of the day aligns naturally with human biodynamic rhythm, making for happier and more productive occupants. However too much brightness can also be problematic; monitor glare makes it hard to work and can cause headaches. Strong amounts of sunlight on windows can also raise internal temperatures, putting extra demand on HVAC.

The CoreSync 2.1 update includes support for automatic control of blinds from both Somfy and Mecho, two of the world’s largest window shades companies. The position of blinds can be controlled across a building, floor or zone depending on preset daily schedules. CoreSync room switches can be implemented to enable local control of blinds; this enables the central control system to remain aware of the status of the blinds and regain control at the next scheduled interval.

Improving the Occupant Experience: Explore the interactive graphic

New Plug Loads Application

Plug loads can comprise up to 50% of building electricity consumption, often entirely wastefully: up to 30% of plug energy use is attributed to “vampire” loads, power drawn when equipment is not performing any useful work. While some equipment needs to be constantly powered – fridges, air conditioning, servers – some of the worst offenders for unnecessary energy consumption include printers, PCs and microwaves.

Plug power draw has typically been ignored as, with potentially hundreds or thousands of plug points across a building, it is not straightforward to manage.

With the CoreSync plug loads application, A/C power outlets across a building, floor or zone can be centrally controlled. Power outlets can be switched off automatically based on a combination of schedule and occupancy.

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Improved Commissioning and Faultfinding

CoreSync 2.1 also includes improvements to the commissioning and debugging experience, making implementation and faultfinding easier for system integrators and building managers. Device online / offline events now have extended notification options with device control capabilities integrated into the Device Manager. Gateways and daisy chain devices can be tested without having to pause any other devices or the SmartCore controller.

In addition, the new Node-RED rule engine gives system integrators the ability to customize system behavior to fulfil specific customer needs. For example, in the event of a device, a PoE gateway or a SmartCore controller going offline, a specific member of the facilities team can be sent a notification or email. This ensures the right person is notified in the right timescale for the specific event.

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CoreSync 2.1 is due for release May 2023. If you are using CoreSync 2.0 and are covered by a CoreSync maintenance contract, your upgrade is free – please contact your local Molex Sales Representative to discuss your options. 

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