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12 Port WR12 Fiber Management System, Duplex SC Aperture, 1U – Unloaded


Part No: 17.C102G

Region: apac

The WR range is a versatile fiber management enclosure that can be used
as a wall mount enclosure for isolated applications or rack mount
enclosure for integrated applications.

The enclosures can be mounted flush or recessed in a 19” cabinet, allows rear, side and base
access for Incoming/Outgoing cables and provides internal management
rings to maintain correct fiber termination bend radius.

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  • Accommodates Duplex SC adapters
  • 1U standard 19" rack mount
  • Wall mountable with either left or right vertical presentation of fiber through adapters
  • Rear, side & base access for Incoming / Outgoing backbone cables
  • Contains management rings to accommodate excess fiber cordage and maintain fiber bend radius
  • Removable lid also affords protection to the interfacing patch cords
  • Built in label facility
  • Rugged steel construction in graphite finish

Material: Powder coated Mild Steel

fiber Termination Options
Direct Termination
Fusion Splice
Mechanical Splice

Wall Mount: 305mm W x 254mm D x 43mm H
Rack Mount: 482mm W x 254mm D x 43mm H

Shipping Weight