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PowerCat 6 500 Plenum / Riser Cable


Part No: CAA-0181R-XX, CAA-0181P-XX

Region: americas

The Molex PowerCat 6-500 is a premium Category 6 U/UTP cable that is ideal for supporting high speed Gigabit Ethernet networks. This cable is key component of the Molex PowerCat 6 end-to-end solution.
Molex PowerCat 6 500 Cable is intended for high speed data applications including IEEE 802.3 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 10BASE-T

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Specified to 350MHz and tested to 550 MHz
  • ETL verified to TIA-568-C.2 Category 6 standard
  • Electrical performance characteristics, including balance, guaranteed across entire frequency range
  • Cross filler provides improved electrical performance
  • 1000 feet to 0 foot markers
  • Robust box design minimizes tangles during installation
  • RoHS compliant

Commercial Standards
North American:
TIA-568.2-D Category 6
ISO/IEC 11801

Fire Propagation Tests
UL 1666, CMR, CMG, IEC 332-1, C(UL)
Plenum: NFPA 262, CMP

Mechanical Characteristics:
Conductor: Bare Copper Wire 23 AWG
Cable Diameter in. (mm): 0.230 (5.84)
Nominal Cable Weight lb./kft. (kg/km): 25 (11.34)
Sheath: PVC
Max Installation Tension lb. (N): 25 (110)
Min. bend radius in. (mm): 1.0 (25.4)

Conductor: Bare Copper Wire 23 AWG
Insulation: Thermoplastic Ø 0.040 inches (1.016 mm)
Conductor size: 0.225 (5.72)
Cable Diameter in. (mm): 0.210 (5.4)
Sheath: Plenum rated PVC halogen
Nominal Cable Weight lb./kft. (kg/km): 26lbs/kft (38.70kg/km)
Max Installation Tension lb. (N): 25 (110)
Min. bend radius in. (mm): 1.0 (25.4)
Pulling tension: 110 N (25 lbf)

Color Code
Pair 1: White/Blue
Pair 2: White/Orange
Pair 3: White/Green
Pair 4: White/Brown

Electrical Characteristics
Mutual Capacitance: 5.1nF/100m nom
DC resistance unbalance: Max 5% at 20°C
DC Resistance max: 9.38Ω/100m Max.
Skew: 45ns/100m Max. Pair to Ground
Pair-to-Ground Unbalance : 330 pF/100m Max.
Nominal Velocity of Propagation NVP):
Riser and Plenum: 68% nominal
Temperature Rating
Installation: 0 °C to + 50 °C
Operation: -20 °C to +60 °C

Our PowerCat 6 system is suitable for PoE applications as defined below:
IEEE 802.3bt from Type 1 to Type 4, and CISCO UPoE+
For new installations of PoE Type 3 / Class 5 and above that wish to be eligible for the Molex 25 year Application Assurance Warranty, we require Category 6A cable to be used throughout. To confirm your PoE / RP3 cabling design is eligible for the Molex 25 year Application Assurance Warranty, your design must be verified and validated with the Molex PoE Calculator. Read more at https://www.molexces.com/poe-calculator
Molex recommends that the PoE feature on an individual switch port is power disabled prior to unplugging the associated powered Device.
Molex recommends that the full range of PowerCat 6 products be used in a system to maximize cabling and PoE performance. Details on Molex requirements for Warranty can be found at: https://www.molexces.com/about-us/ourwarranty/