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CoreSync Dashboard


Part No: Not assigned

Region: americas northern-europe

CoreSync Dashboard is an on-prem solution that is a one-stop shop to get stunning visual display of the operation as well the performance of a CoreSync deployment at the building, floor, as well all zone level.

The dashboard provides rich visualization of real-time and historical sensor data trends including power, energy, temperature, humidity, ambient light, air quality and many more. Numerous Key Performance Indicators are also given offering the user valuable insight. In addition, means of determining device-level status and control are available from this portal.


Not assigned CoreSync Dashboard Software Only (requires customer-provided VM)
Features & Benefits Related Products
  • Building/Floor/Zone selection
  • KPI information: -
  •   • Energy consumption
      • Energy savings
      • Energy cost
      • Humidex and heat index
      • Carbon footprint
      • Space utilization
      • Projected cost

  • Operational information
  • 2D floor map view
  • Floor heatmap for all sensors
  • Historical sensor data trends
  • Multi-site display
  • Live data streaming
  • Lighting and shade control

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