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Multimedia Tamper Proof Enclosure


Part No: WFR-00048, WFR-00049, WFR-00050, WFR-00051, WFR-00052, WFR-00054, WFR-00055, WFR-00083, WFR-00084, WFR-00085, WFR-00086, WFR-00087, WFR-00088, WFR-00089, WFR-00090, WFR-00091, WFR-00092, WFR-00093, WFR-00094, WFR-00095, WFR-00096, WFR-00097, WFR-00098, WFR-00099, WFR-00100, WFR-00101, WFR-00119, WFR-00120

Region: apac emea

The Multimedia Tamper Proof Enclosure provides a 6 or 24 port to-the-desk solution that can be wall or surface mounted. Available in black, red, white, pink or blue, the security enclosure features internal management rings for excess fiber or copper cabling and 25mm knockout holes for easy vertical or horizontal cable entry. 

Designed to accept a suite of rear loaded UTP or optical fiber faceplates, the security enclosure has a clear perspex lid and provides a facility for security lugs (sold separately), enabling the user to secure their network and clearly identify if any terminations have been tampered with.
Faceplates are sold separately and are available either unloaded or loaded. Unloaded faceplates support Molex’s range of DataGate jacks, multimedia jacks and Synergy single fiber modules. Loaded faceplates feature LC, Duplex SC and ST fiber adapters.

Part numbers are not available in all regions, please contact your local sales representative. 

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • Available in 6 and 24 port variants
  • Accommodates Molex PowerCat 6 and PowerCat DataGate Jacks
  • Accommodates Synergy single Simplex SC, LC, MT-RJ or ST fiber modules
  • Accommodates multimedia modules
  • Low profile for inconspicuous network connecting
  • Rear loading jacks to reduce tampering
  • Clear concise labeling
  • Rear loading to reduce tampering
  • Tamper proof clear cover

Base Unit: Cold Rolled Steel
Lid: Clear Perspex
Dimensions (mm):
6 Port: 45.4 (H) x 143 (W) x 125 (D)
24 Port: 40 (H) x 140 (W) x 185 (D)
Shipping Weight:
24 Port: 750g