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24 Port 100 Base-T Telco Panel, FTP, 1U


Part No: PMT-00004

Region: global

The 100 Base-T Telco Panel is designed for installations that require connectivity with hubs that offer 50 pin connector front end presentation (e.g. Cabletron and Cisco). The fully enclosed unit offers protection for the PCB connection and consists of 24 x RJ45 ports on the front with 2 x 50 pin female connectors at the back. Providing two pairs to each 8 pin RJ45 jack, pair one is terminated on pins 1 and 2 and pair two is terminated on pins 3 and 6. One 50 pin connector serves 12 ports and is wired to the IEEE.802.3 Ethernet 100 Base-TX and 100 Base-T2 standard.

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • 1U standard 19" rack mount
  • Category 5 performance
  • 2 Pair wiring
  • RJ21X Telco Connectors
  • Quick and Easy rear connection

Material: CRS (cold rolled steel)
Thickness: 1.52mm
Coating: Graphite Grey Powdercoat

Jack Connector
Operating Life : Minimum 1000 insertion cycles
Contact Material : Copper based alloy
Contact Plating : 1.25 micrometre Au/Ni
Material : UL Listed Connector

Shipping Weight: 1.7kg

D.C. Resistance: <20mΩ

D.C. Resistance Imbalance: <2.0mΩ

Insulation Resistance: >100mΩ

@ 1MHz: -0.09
@ 16MHz: -0.14
@ 100MHz: -0.35

Crosstalk (dB)
@ 1MHz: -85.2
@ 16MHz: -60.5
@ 100MHz: -41.2

Return Loss
@ 1MHz: >-23
@ 16MHz: >-23
@ 100MHz: >-23

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