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PowerCat 5e DataGate Jack


Part No: KSJ-00024-XX

Region: global

The PowerCat 5e DataGate jack is designed to maintain clean secure connections.
The RJ-45 jack features a patented ‘spring-loaded shutter’ which protects it from dust and contaminants
as well as provides tactile feedback – the spring-loaded shutter pops out an improperly seated patch
cord–all with single-handed plug-in and removal.
DataGate jacks utilize patented IDC V-shaped contacts that flex not fatigue when terminated and
is uniquely designed to allow for rear and side entry cable termination. The provision of side entry
termination ensures bend radius is maintained in installations where there is limited space – optimizing
the performance of your Enhanced Category 5 solution.

Features & Benefits Related Products
  • Patented Spring-Loaded Shutter:
  • - prevents incomplete mating
  • - protects from dust and contaminants
  • Patented IDC V-shaped contacts that flex not fatigue when terminated
  • Features pointed IDC towers to speed termination and enhance cable retention
  • Dual color-coding allows for 568 A/B wiring configuration
  • Can be terminated using industry standard punch-down tools
  • RJ-11 & RJ-12 compatible
  • Molded category identification on jack face as well as optional port identification icons