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Solution Benefits

Smart buildings use the power of the IoT to deliver significant benefits across a wide range of business capabilities. The power of the Molex CoreSync network brings your building alive.

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Smart Desk

How to give individuals greater control over their office environment? The CoreSync solution automatically controls lights and adjusts the light color to resonate with natural human biorhythms to boost productivity. Users can set their preferred temperature, and the BMS can adjust based on who is present.

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Smart Space

To support the growing mobile workforce, smart buildings enable estate managers to optimize their assets. Using integrated sensor technology, facility managers can better understand worker patterns and respond automatically to personal preferences.

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Smart Emergency

During an office emergency, how can you be smarter? Audio alarms and speakers will broadcast high-level messages. Increasingly the smarter option through Molex is to direct people away from the danger to safe locations using intelligent directional lighting.

Smart Connectivity
Smart Connectivity

In addition to intelligent sensors that enable energy savings by automatically predicting staff movements, smart buildings are deploying Molex PoE. This allows a single cable to provide both data and electrical connectivity to IP cameras, VoIP phones, WAPs, lighting and BMS.

CoreSync Products and Solutions

A complete network infrastructure that provides a cost-effective backbone for integrating disparate building functions with standard building management systems –all while powering and controlling low-voltage devices and lighting.

For more information visit the CoreSync product page.

CoreSync PoE Gateway

The Wireless PoE Gateway enables the integration of EnOcean based devices to be integrated for monitoring and control in the CoreSync system. Powered and IP connected via CAT5e or CAT6 UTP structured cabling.

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CoreSync Manager

The CoreSync lighting software provides support during the complete lifecycle of a smart lighting control system, from design and installation to live operation and building maintenance. When compared with traditional methods, the CoreSync software provides effective lighting in a fraction of the time.

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Environmental Sensor

The CoreSync Control provides an array of applications that enable the digital building. Whether part of a light fixture service delivery, wired or wireless sensors are enabling real-time savings by aligning event requirements to your needs.

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Smart LED Driver

The Molex CoreSync Programmable Smart LED Driver is a compact DC/DC LED driver that can be programmed to specific power outputs, for driving LED engines in a wide variety of light fixtures, controlled and powered by a Molex CoreSync PoE Gateway.

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Power over Ethernet (PoE) Ready

Running data and power over the same cable, Power over Ethernet (PoE) has eliminated the need for additional wiring installs, saving on costs and redundant cabling. Today, PoE allows centralization of building control including power and the IoT. Get PoE ready with compatible UTP cables and patch cords. 

PowerCat 6 Cable, 4 Pair, CMP Plenum, PVC Alloy – Blue

Molex PowerCat 6 cable is key component of our end-to-end Category 6 solution designed for Gigabit ethernet support, swept to 500 MHz.

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PowerCat 4 Pair PVC Alloy Cable, Blue, CMP Plenum Rated, 305m Box

Molex PowerCat 5e U/UTP Cable is ideal for supporting Gigabit Ethernet networks.

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PowerCat 6 U/UTP Patch Cord PVC

Molex PowerCat 6 U/UTP Patch Cords are key components of PowerCat 6 U/UTP end to-end Solution and are designed to support data networks for 10/100BASE-T and 1000BASE-T applications. The patch cable is made from high quality four pair 24 AWG...

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PowerCat 5E U/UTP Patch Cord PVC

Molex PowerCat 5E U/UTP Patch Cords are key components of PowerCat 5E U/UTP end-to-end Solution and are designed to support data networks for 10/100BASE-T applications. The patch cable is made from high quality four pair 26 AWG stranded copper wire....

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Design flexibility

Integrating field-proven cabling and wireless technologies, the Molex CoreSync platform enables smart buildings and smart campuses by feeding multi-sensor data to a central host, providing building analytics and orchestrating disparate building systems.

CoreSync Network

The concept of the smart building has existed for many years; the technology needed to make it practical is finally available.

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