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How smart shading solutions improve energy efficiency

smart shading solutions improve energy efficiency in commercial buildings

CoreSync is an Alliance of companies working together to develop and improve network-connected smart building services.

One of the major benefits of smart building solutions is improving energy efficiency. In commercial buildings, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and lighting account for around half of the electricity used. Automated window shades can help address both of these at the same time.

Managing light and temperature in workspaces

All artificial light costs money to install, maintain and operate. Increasingly, buildings are designed so that windows, skylights and other openings can provide effective internal lighting. This “daylighting” reduces the need for artificial light and improves employee wellbeing. But depending on the time of day, sunlight can be inconveniently bright or cause glare off monitors and reflective surfaces. Forgetting to switch lights off once the sun is up also wastes power.

Windows are also a source of heat or cold, depending on the season and the location. About a third of commercial HVAC use is to combat the heat loss or gain from windows.

Automated shades save energy and improve workspace environments

Automated window shades automatically adjust to optimize natural light usage and provide insulation against extremes of temperature. Correctly configured, automated shades could provide energy savings of as much as 38%.

When deployed in a system with smart lighting, automated shades can ensure a workspace environment that effortlessly enhances occupant comfort, productivity and wellness. Automated shading doesn’t just create more energy-efficient buildings, it also makes a difference to the people working and living inside those buildings. Natural light increases wellbeing for occupants, making them more comfortable and productive. Enhancing lighting conditions can improve productivity by as much as 23%, according to a World Green Building Council study.

Automated window shades are one of the technologies available from the CoreSync EcoSystem Alliance. The Alliance brings together leading technology brands committed to improving energy efficiency in projects of all sizes. A range of devices and sensors can be connected via power over ethernet (PoE), a flexible and cost-effective infrastructure which minimizes the number of cables required and makes changes and upgrades easy.

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