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Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions Joins the Smart Buildings Alliance for a Smarter and Sustainable Future

In the era of hybrid work and heightened focus on sustainability and occupant health, organizations are being expected to demonstrate how they are taking responsibility. Smart building technology is becoming pivotal in enabling organizations to deliver on their goals.

Smart buildings are complex systems, requiring specialist technology and expertise from a range of companies: from device manufacturers to data networking, from construction to occupational health. Ensuring smart buildings can truly deliver on their potential will require collaboration across disciplines and borders.

Recognizing the significance of this, Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions is delighted to announce its membership in the Smart Buildings Alliance.

Empowering the Next Gen Smart Building Ecosystem

The Smart Buildings Alliance, founded in 2012, aims to become a driving force in creating a cohesive and collaborative smart building ecosystem. Boasting over 460 members from diverse fields, including industrial manufacturing, service companies, engineering firms, architects, and innovative start-ups, the SBA stands out for its multidisciplinary approach. By bringing together stakeholders from a multitude of backgrounds, it seeks to accelerate the development of the smart building sector and elevate the value of buildings for owners and occupiers alike. The SBA publishes flagship guidelines and promotes the use of interoperable solutions which are based on open standards, helping pool the skills and know-how of its members.

Molex’s partnership with the Smart Buildings Alliance marks a significant step towards a sustainable and intelligent future. Together, we aim to contribute to the evolution of smart buildings through innovation and collaboration.

Molex CoreSync: Shaping a Sustainable and Intelligent Future

CoreSync is a Power over Ethernet (PoE)-based smart building solution. CoreSync can control a range of building functions directly or via API or provide sensor data to other systems. This two-way integration enables the platform to be hugely flexible: providing occupancy data for flexible working initiatives, advanced energy management tools for sustainability reporting, and environmental data to create optimal workspace conditions. Integrating systems in this way enables facilities management and C-suite teams to monitor buildings or campuses easily with a single-pane-of-glass, at-a-glance view of key data.

CoreSync is designed to be flexible, with a powerful API and an IP-based infrastructure that makes connecting devices and systems easy. A range of manufacturers and designers also collaborate with Molex as part of the CoreSync Alliance, developing technologies that maximize the benefits of PoE-based IoT to deliver superior functionality.

We look forward to working with the SBA and its members on the journey toward smarter, more connected spaces that redefine the way we live and work.

For more information about the Smart Buildings Alliance, visit their website: https://www.smartbuildingsalliance.org/

To know more about CoreSync, schedule a live demo here: https://www.molexces.com/request-a-coresync-demo/