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New CoreSync Certified Programmer Training

CoreSync integrator training at Tczew facility

We are pleased to announce the launch of the CoreSync Certified Programmer Training Course.

About CoreSync

CoreSync is a PoE-based smart building solution comprising proprietary components, third party devices and a powerful control system. As well as built-in controls, CoreSync is able to integrate with building management systems and through API, enabling holistic monitoring and control of the operation of a building or campus. Roles such as facility management, C-suite, IT and operations can access a range of data through a single pane of glass, helping them accelerate progress on sustainability and digital transformation initiatives.

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions works with a global network of independent installers, integrators and consultants to provide installation and implementation of our products. To ensure that end users receive a high-quality service end to end, we provide integrators and consultants a range of online and in-person training options. Some are optional, while others are mandatory for Certification. Only Certified Installers and Integrators are able to register installations for our warranties. Read more about our warranties here.

The Molex CoreSync Academy provides specialized training courses for different roles within the smart building installation and integration process. BP500, Certified Designer, enables project engineers and designers to create certified shop drawings; BP510, Certified Technician, trains installers and technicians in the installation of CoreSync and CoreSync Alliance products. BP520, CoreSync Certified Programmer, is designed for systems and network engineers. On completion of this course, participants will be equipped with all the skills they need to effectively deploy, manage and troubleshoot a CoreSync system.

CoreSync Academy also offers specialized training for Distributors, Lighting Manufacturers and End Users. Click here to download the flyer.

About BP520

The new CoreSync Programmer course covers the new CoreSync 2 platform from start to finish, allowing those that specialize in network and systems integration to quickly get up to speed on how to deploy and manage our latest software solutions. Throughout the 16 module course, participants will be introduced to the core technologies of Linux and Kubernetes that drive the platform as well as learn all the best practices for deploying and maintaining the system. Participants will learn about network design, commissioning, zoning, configuration and integration. There are also modules focusing on the Dashboard’s user interface and troubleshooting the front and backend of the new system.

This training is a complete and comprehensive package for anyone looking to master the CoreSync system, providing both a strong foundation and advanced knowledge for managing smart building solutions. Certified CoreSync Programmers will also be ready and equipped to service and maintain a CoreSync system through a service contract.

The Certified Programmer course is split between an online portion, taken through the Molex Customer Support Portal, and an on-site, hands-on demo working with a live CoreSync implementation.

In order to take BP520, participants must already have completed Certified Technician training (BP510). They must also have experience of API or BACnet, and have deep knowledge of lighting controls.

Why get Certified?

Our training courses provide expert and in-depth training, giving the trainee detailed theoretical and practical knowledge to help streamline their work. Many training courses are available online through the CSP and can be taken at a pace that suits the trainee.

To ensure quality of service end-to-end, all CoreSync implementation projects must involve at least one individual with each of the three Certifications. If an individual chooses to complete all three Integrator courses, they will earn the certification of Master Integrator.

Accessing Molex Training Courses

In order to take any of our Training Courses, participants must first register as a Business Associate. Go to csp.molex.com to register your details. You will be granted a “Quick Access” account immediately, which allows you to view a limited selection of features until your application has been reviewed and approved by your local Molex representative. Once your account has been approved and upgraded to “Business Associate” you will be able to apply for access to different training courses.

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