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Medical Grade Antimicrobial Product Range Expansion

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions is pleased to announce an expansion to its Medical Grade Antimicrobial product offer. New products include:

  • Synergy Surface Mount Boxes – 1 port and 2 port
  • 86 x 86 mm Keystone Wall Plates – 1 port, 2 port and 4 port
  • Anti-Microbial Push Pull Locking Patch Cords
  • Harsh Environment IP65 Push Pull Locking Patch Cords
  • Harsh Environment Outdoor Push Pull Locking Patch Cords
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Plates

Cleanliness and hygiene are important in any public place, but in hospitals and places of care it is critical as the spread of germs endangers individuals who are already at risk. Antimicrobial materials assist in the prevention of propagation of bacteria resulting from human contact. Antimicrobial technology works to continuously reduce the number of microbes on a treated product throughout its expected lifecycle.

Clinical environments are also often subject to harsher cleaning regimes. To ensure data connections are unaffected by water spray and condensation, our antimicrobial range includes IP65 rated patch cords and plugs and durable stainless steel wallplates.

About Healthcare Solutions from Molex

Molex’s modular platform and Reuse – Rethink – Recycle philosophy allow seamless integration of communication mediums – be it audio visual, optical fiber or copper cable based communications. From data center to campus facility, from building distributor to patient room outlets, Molex’s Synergy Footprint allows for full customization while reducing the required number of parts to achieve the result. With Molex’s cost effective, modular and scalable data transport platform, medical facilities are able to invest more into their most important element – their people.

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