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Molex CES releases new Outdoor Category 6A Shielded Connectivity Solution

The new Molex Outdoor Category 6A shielded connectivity solution offers two outdoor rated connectivity products that protect the connection between the outdoor wireless access point or security camera and the existing network cabling infrastructure from climatic conditions.

The biggest benefit of wireless networks is that it allows users to connect to the Internet from any spot inside its area of coverage. This network can be extended externally by installing an outdoor wireless access point device. When it comes to the overall safety and security of building facilities and personnel, outdoor video surveillance and security cameras are increasingly important. These outdoor devices are connected to the existing campus network via an RJ45 patch cord and RJ45 Jack. The Molex outdoor category 6A shielded connectivity solution facilitates this connection with an IP66 rated enclosure protecting the RJ45 jack and a weather protected C6A shielded patch cord.

Euromod IP66 2 Port RJ45 Enclosure
– Designed specifically for installation in environments at risk from penetration from dust, water or accidental impact
– UV resistant
– Designed to accept 2 x Euromod 25 x 50mm DataGate modules

Outdoor Category 6A Shielded Patch Cord
– Protects the vulnerable connection between the WAP/IP security camera and the LAN
– Flexible polyamide covering, fully protects the C6A cord against mechanical shock, water, dust and long term degradation from UV light

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Outdoor C6A Shielded 
Connectivity Solution

Patch cords
PCD-07136, PCD-07131, PCD-07132, PCD-07133,
PCD-07134, PCD-07135

Euromod enclosure
Compatible Euromod outlets