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Molex Copper and Fiber Cables UKCA Certified

In December 2022, the UK Government announced that it will give businesses another two and half years (30th June 2025) to comply with the CPR UKCA product testing and marking requirements.  During this extended transitional period, the UK government will continue to recognize the EU CE mark.

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions certified its copper and fiber cables before the originally extended deadline of 1st Jan 2023 to meet UKCA testing requirements in accordance with GB Construction Products Regulation (retained EU Law 305/2011, EU Exist Regulations 2020).

Molex UKCA tested copper and fiber cable labels are marked with both UKCA and CE marks (as the cable is sold in both Europe and the UK). Our Declaration of Performance certificates will similarly carry both UKCA and CE marks and information.

Molex comprehensive copper and fiber cable range covers all CPR classes, however the British Standard BS5601:2016+A1:2017 stipulates: 

For new installations and the refurbishment or extension of existing installations within the external fire barrier of the building, installation cables which are subject to the CPR shall as a minimum meet the requirements of Euroclass Cca, s1b, d2, a2.

Please find the full list of copper and fiber cable part numbers that are UKCA certified here.

To access the full list of Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions UKCA DoP Certificates please visit Declaration of Performance (Dop) Certificates here.