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Molex helping to define the Standards for low-power PoE

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions has recently been invited to participate in discussions about Remote Powering devices on a PoE network.

The latest version of ISO/IEC 14763-2:2019 and subsequent AS/NZS 14763.2:2020 includes the requirement to identify an installation’s Remote Power category (RP1, RP2 or RP3), which requires a variety of design planning and control measures to meet the requirements of the Standard. To date these requirements have been poorly understood. There are many differing ideas around the controls to be used on the lower power levels (RP1 & RP2), which may potentially lead to diverging results.

The second aspect of the discussion is around the installation method and link length calculation due to Ambient Temperature and heat rise within the loom due to power.

The intention of the group is to create an industry-wide, vendor neutral document outlining the different requirements around Remote Powering of devices using PoE on structured cabling, and a guide for adherence to Standards. This document will provide a starting point for education at all levels and provide a basic level of requirement. It is likely the document could be added as an addendum to the existing Standard to assist people to better understand and implement the requirements. However it is understood that each vendor is likely to still have their own more stringent requirements that will need to be met, for example for warranty coverage.

The initial meeting was held in person at the recent Australian BICSI Conference and is supported by BICSI. The committee is being chaired by Murray Teale, Technical Director at VTI Services. Murray was the previous chair of the AS 11801 series Standards and is now the chair of the AS/NZS 14763.2 standard. The committee itself will be formed of Technical Managers from a number of different vendors. Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions is being represented by Regional Technical Support Specialist Steve Troost RCDD.

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