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Euromod Snap-In Adapter Collar, Half Module – White


Part No: 17-0231-02

Region: emea

The Euromod system of wallplates provides a flexible and versatile method of installation. This modular system offers a wide range of wallplates and modules that allows the user to install as many or as few data or voice outlets as required. The system caters for small and large systems alike. The Euromod Snap-In Adapter Collar is designed to accept the Euromod Module range of 25 x 50mm products. The 1 port snap-in adapter collar aperture size is 25 x 50mm, and the 2 port snap-in adapter collar size is 50 x 50mm. The products are utilised in floor boxes or trunking applications where standard wall plates do not fit or are not required.

Features & Benefits
  • Available in 1 & 2 port
  • 1 port snap-in adapter collar aperture size is 25 x 50mm
  • 2 port snap-in adapter collar size is 50 x 50mm
  • Flexible system allowing the installation of as many modules as required

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