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1U Multi-Function Fiber Enclosure – Gen II


Part No: RFR-00311-BK

Region: global

The 1U Multi-Function Fiber Enclosure is a configurable rack mount unit for storing and terminating incoming fiber cable.

The fiber enclosure has been designed to accommodate various termination types and adapter configurations. The floor of the enclosure is constructed to allow maximum flexibility in routing fibers. Constructed with a ball bearing slide mechanism allows ease of access to fibers. The interchangeable front plate facilitates upgrades as required. The enclosure has an optional front locking kit and an optional front cable management to securely route patch cords.

For exact product dimensions of the enclosure or components please contact your sales representative.

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  • Accommodates up to 4 ModLink Quick Connect Cassettes which allows 12-24 fiber connections per cassette with various interfacing adapters
  • Accommodates up to 4 Modular Splice Cassettes which allows 6-24 fiber connections per cassette. The cassettes allow for splice termination while protecting individual fibers
  • Compatible with preloaded FMP 3 style adapter plates in various fiber counts and adapter configurations
  • Self-adhesive fiber management hub is stackable and can be segmented providing individualization of fiber routing
  • Optional 24 fiber splice tray available to maximize port capacity while providing fiber management for excess fiber
  • Optional front cable management allows for secure routing of patch cords can be retrofitted
  • Optional locking kits provides security with its over-locking curved cam lock by locking into the top of the enclosure. The hinged top allow easy moves, adds and changes, and can be retrofitted
  • Compatible with Molex’s 6 Pak Adapter plate program that allows 6-24 fiber connections per plate, 72 fiber MTP connections and 3 DataGate copper/synergy connections per plate
  • Incorporates heavy duty ball bearing slides for smooth and limited extension of the drawer, allowing access
  • Rugged steel construction in black
  • GPON compatible cassettes and front/rear plates
  • Wall mountable
  • 24 port synergy front plate - copper/optical fiber compatible

Fiber Termination Options:
Direct, Fusion splice, Mechanical splice, Pre-Terminated MTP

Material: Powder coated mild steel
Dimensions: 485.8mm(W) x 260.1mm(D) x 43.7mm(H)
Shipping Weight: 3.37kg