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Fiber Optic Cable Glands


Part No: 91.A0860 , 91.A0870 , 91.A0880

Region: global

Cable glands are designed to protect and retain fiber optic cable entering fiber optic enclosures.

Molex M20 cable glands provide the necessary strain relief for fiber optic cables entering a fiber optic enclosure. The thread nut allows for easy installation and a tight seal, keeping the cable secure and immovable when splicing fiber and making connections within the fiber enclosure.

Three cable outer diameter glands are available:
91.A0860: M20 15mm / 0.59 in., 4-8mm / 0.16-0.31 in.
91.A0870: M20 15mm / 0.59 in., 6-12mm / 0.24-0.47 in.
91.A0880: M20 15mm / 0.59 in., 9-14mm / 0.35-0.55 in.

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Gland Material: Polyamide
Washer: Neoprene
Seal: Rubber
Color: Jet black
Protection: IP68-5Bar
Temperature Range: -25°C to 80°C
Dimensions: 46mm / 1.81 in. (L) x 27mm / 1.06 in.(H)