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Zone Enclosure for Raised Access Floor Installations


Part No: CPT-00054 , CPT-00056 , CPT-00057 , CPT-00058

Region: global

An easy-access multi-media Zone Enclosure which accommodates up to 24 copper ports, 48 fiber splices or 96 MTP/MPO fibers, designed for raised/ access floor, zone cabling installations.

The Molex raised/access floor Zone Enclosure is a cost effective, robust, and versatile product designed to support moves, adds and changes in frequently changing enterprise and education environments. The product is designed to accept copper or fiber cabling via the deployment of inter changeable mounting plates, supporting up to 24 DataGate Jack copper ports or 24 fiber adapters (48 splices) or up to 4 ModLink (MTP/MPO) DLC, DSC or QLC cassettes.

The unit fits comfortably in a 600mm x 600mm or 24” x 24” raised/access floor grid and is manufactured from cold-rolled steel, finished in black. The chassis features cable tie anchor points for the correct routing and securing of incoming copper or fiber cable and sufficient capacity for a 24-fiber splice tray (supplied separately). Also featured are fixing pins to position the mounting plates. The keyed cover plate is secured with screws and features protected label holders that allow convenient and clear port identification when the floor tile is removed and viewed from above. The keyed, screw fixing point feature in the cover plate allows for any pre-set port identification to be correctly orientated, following removal of the cover plate for any post-installation maintenance.

The interchangeable mounting plates are supplied separately and include an unloaded 12 port Molex DataGate Jack plate with grounding pins for the termination of shielded cable. An unloaded 2 aperture carrier plate accepting Molex versatile snap-in, 12 fiber duplex LC or duplex SC adapter plates or ModLink MTP/MPO fiber cassettes and a feature-rich cable management plate.

The cable management plate includes an opening designed for convenient copper cable bundle handling and is protected by a brush strip to reduce excess dust and debris. For maximum installation convenience, the brush strip can be removed and then replaced once the terminated cables are permanently positioned and secured in place. Also featured on the plate are circular knockouts to accommodate cable glands and grommets to protect fiber cables entering the chassis.

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  • Designed specifically for 600mm x 600mm or 24” x 24” raised/access floor grid installations
  • Cost-effective, robust, and versatile
  • Manufactured from strong cold-rolled steel, finished in black
  • Interchangeable mounting plates for copper or fiber installation options
  • Supports up to 24 Molex DataGate Jacks or 24 fiber adapters (48 fibers) or 4 ModLink MT P/MPO 12 or 24 fiber cassettes.
  • Chassis features cable-tie anchor points for the cor rect routing and securing of cable and sufficient capacity to accommodate a 24 fiber splice and pigtail management tray
  • Compatible with Molex snap-in 12 fiber DLC or DSC adapter plates
  • Top access cover plate features protected label holders that allow clear port identification when viewed from above the raised/access floor recess.
  • The cable management plate offers convenient copper bundle handling with brush strip protection for dust and debris ingress reduction. Circular knockouts features are designed to accommodate M20 fiber cable glands and grommets with unused positions remaining blanked off.

Material: CRS (cold rolled steel)
   1.52mm /0.059”- Chassis, Cover and DataGate Jack Plate,
   1.22mm/0.048” – Cable Management and Carrier Plates
Finish: Black powder coat
Brush strip holder: Zinc plated steel
Brush strip material: Nylon

Chassis and Cover:
   300mm/12” (L) x 300mm/12” (W) x 40mm/1.1.94” (H)
12 Port DataGate Jack Plate:
   270mm/10.63” (L) x 17mm/0.67” (W) x 40.4mm/1.59” (H)
Cable Management Plate:
   270mm/10.63” (L) x 17mm/0.67” (W) x 40.4mm/1.59” (H)
2 Aperture Carrier Plate:
   270mm/10.63” x 17mm.0.67” (W) x 40.4mm/1.59” (H)

Chassis: 2.58kg/5 lb 11oz
Cable Management Plate: 251g/9oz
12 Port DataGate Jack Plate: 282g/10oz
2 Aperture Carrier Plate: 195g/7oz

ISO/IEC 11801-2
ISO/IEC 11801-6
ANSI/TIA 568-0.D

RoHS compliant
REACH compliant