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90 Degree Boot Optical Fiber Patch Cord


Part No: 91.88.XXX.XXXXX, 91.8J.XXX.XXXXX, 91.JJ.XXX.XXXXX

Region: global

Molex Patented 90º fiber optic patch cords are designed to reduce stress on fiber, while maintaining proper bend radii – critical in maximizing efficient cable management practices. These patch cords are available in SC, LC and ST connector variants and in singlemode and multimode cable types.

Molex’s specifically controlled end-face geometry provides optimal physical contact by incorporating pre-polished and pre-radiused ferrules into the patch cords connectors. These features help ensure radius, apex offset and concentricity are tuned for greater mating reliability and optical insertion loss & return loss performance.

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  • 90º boots provide protection and ensure correct bend radius
  • Ideal for fitment in confined locations within rack or cabinet
  • 90º boot patch cords available in popular LC, SC and ST connector variants
  • Available in hybrid connector constructions
  • Precision ferrule end-face geometry
  • Controlled fiber protrusion provides better end-face matching of fibers reducing insertion and return loss
  • Factory polished, tested and serialized

Zirconia ceramic ferrule, composite body: SC to SC, SC to LC, LC to LC
Multimode OM3: 2.5dB@850nm, 0.7dB@1300nm
Singlemode OS1: 1.0dB@131nm or 1550nm
Outside Diameter: 2.0 mm X 4.1mm
Buffer Diameter: 900μm tight buffer
Strength Member: Aramid Yarn
Minimum Bend Radius: 30mm
Maximum Insertion Loss: 0.30 dB
Retention Strength: 100N
Operating Temperature: -10º to 60ºC
Cable Assembly Length
<15 meter Tolerance -0/+100mm
>15 meter Tolerance -0/+10%

Cable Sheath:
Material PVC, UL listed OFNR, CSA, Grade Riser Rated OFNR