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DIN Rail Mountable Enclosure, Unloaded


Part No: WFR-00081

Region: apac

DIN rail mountable enclosure, unloaded, provides an effective solution for industrial networks inside control panels and distribution cabinets where DIN mounted equipment is used. The DIN rail mount enclosure mounts to standard 35mm DIN rails and accepts any 6-PAK plate. It is in black and includes a label and label cover. The enclosure is designed to accommodate copper, fiber and multi-media modules to support most applications. It is designed to protect the fiber bend radius in shallow enclosures where space is a premium and can be side stackable to grow with your networking changes. It includes a middle layer plate with fiber splicing protector holder to provide the capability of up to 24 fiber splicing.

Available only in India.

WFR-00081 DIN rail with DataGate adapter plate
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  • High density solution up to 24F with LC Quad adapter
  • Universal application for both copper and fibers, supports up to 3 port UTP/FTP RJ45 jacks
  • 35mm standard DIN rail mountable to support standard 35mm DIN rail application
  • Knock-out features to provide multi cable entrance to allow cable to enter from different directions
  • Compatible with any 6-PAK plate. Universal foot print to support all existing plates
  • Splicing protector holder included to provide better splicing point and fiber protection
  • Label with label protector to provide endurance under industry environment
  • Rugged steel construction in powder coating black finish
  • Spiral binding tuber protects fiber pigtails
  • Bending insensitivity pigtails are recommended to be used in enclosure

Material: SPCC 1.2mm
Dimensions: 140mm W x 125mm D x 51mm H or 5.51” W x 4.92” D x 2”H
Shipping Weight: 700g or 24.69oz

Work Temperature: -25°C to +65°C
Relative humidity: ≤85% (+30°C)

Kevlar retention post with screws: 1PC
Cable gland 9.5-13.2mm, M20: 1PC
Star cut rubber cover, 25mm: 1PC
Spiral binding PE tuber 4mm: 40cm