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Sustainability and beyond with smart building connectivity

Smart meeting room with connected sensors

In recent years, increasing numbers of companies are realizing the benefits of establishing a smart, connected building that provides their employees with a comfortable and productive working environment while enabling more efficient and sustainable operations.

The Molex CoreSync smart building platform is helping companies to achieve their sustainability targets well beyond energy efficiency regulations.

Integrating field-proven wired and wireless technologies, Molex CoreSync enables smart buildings and smart campuses by feeding multi-sensor data to a central host. This can provide detailed building analytics and orchestrate disparate building systems such as real time energy consumption, lighting, temperature, humidity and air quality, meeting room management and occupancy, security, audio-visual, powered shades and building automation systems. Results have shown that the benefits of smart building initiatives can lead to significant reductions in operating cost, improved ROI, and increased building value, all while transforming workplaces into truly connected and integrated environments.

Energy savings

More than 20% of energy end usage in a typical office building is spent on lighting, with another 40% on heating/cooling and ventilation. Smart lighting can use natural light (sensor-based daylight harvesting) and occupancy-based controls to reduce the requirement for artificial lighting. With integration of automated shades or “smart glass windows” control, the energy saving gains from passive room heating are even more impactful.

Human centric environments  

By adapting to building usage, CoreSync systems can be used to customize the user experience in a dynamic and purposeful way. LED luminaires with bio-adaptive functionality (Human Centric Lighting and circadian cycles) can mimic natural daylight by gradually changing from cool temperature, high intensity in the morning to a warmer, less intensive light later in the day. Subtle changes in lighting intensity provide a more natural work environment that fosters higher productivity, while optimizing energy savings through sensor feedback.

Streamlined building management

The ability to migrate controls to an IP-based infrastructure transforms those systems into valuable IoT assets able to be controlled synergistically along with other building functions. The owner or operator has ready access to real-time energy consumption, sensor-based occupancy reporting, air quality, temperature and other environmental monitoring. The same CoreSync sensors are used by multiple systems for different automation functions: occupancy-based lighting automation, HVAC control, occupancy based plug-load receptacle controls, room/desk booking and scheduling, audio/video systems. That aggregate data translates into tangible business insights—flow patterns and space utilization, conditions within those spaces, and how different spaces, floors, or buildings rank or compare in terms of utilization, energy usage and productivity.

Flexibility for unforeseeable circumstances

Companies which invest in the adoption of digital building platforms like CoreSync are better prepared to adjust building space utilizations and transform building environments with minimal or no additional investment.

COVID-19 has demonstrated the necessity of business assets that are flexible and reactive. In a very short space of time remote working and social distancing measures have caused us to overhaul the way we think about workspaces and space utilization.  It’s impossible to predict how future events might subsequently impact on the way we live and work. However more data, synergistic information handling and automated buildings functions will enable smart and digital buildings to respond quickly and efficiently to these types of drastic changes.

Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions continues to invest in R&D to expand the CoreSync solution, making buildings more valuable and efficient and making workspaces healthier and more responsive.

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