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CoreSync Advanced Lighting Sensor


Part No: 182089-2000

Region: americas emea

The CoreSync Advanced Lighting Sensor is a low voltage sensor platform leveraging network connected Molex CoreSync infrastructure for digital building applications.
Occupancy and ambient light data can be granularly collected by Molex sensor array for advanced lighting control. Data can be transferred to BMS, 3rd-party systems or cloud platforms for augmented building control and automation, as well as advanced reporting/analytics. The full RGB ring indicator can support software-driven use-cases such as presence-based occupancy, wayfinding, and room reservation status.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Installation Instructions Related Products
  • PIR (passive infrared)
  • Ambient light sensing
  • RGBW ring beacon
  • Daisy-chain capability
  • Easy to install, power, connect
  • Ceiling tile or surface bracket

Lighting control
Daylight harvesting
Presence detection

Operating temp: 0° to +55°C
Power: CoreSync 48V POE
Agency: UL, CE, FCC
Interface: Molex 4-pin daisy-chain,

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