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CoreSync Fixture Sensor, Highbay, White


Part No: 182090-1000

Region: global

The CoreSync Fixture Sensor, Highbay enables fully network-connected sensing in a powered PoE fixture or mounted in a ceiling aperture. The Sensor also features two-way communication with control software, providing useful data for lighting automation and building management.
Featuring digital PIR for accurate occupancy detection, plus ambient light sensing for daylight harvesting applications, CoreSync Sensor C also provides accurate reporting on temperature and humidity levels. The slim, compact unit is easy to mount in a fixture knock-out or through a suitable ceiling aperture. Sensor C is rated for ceilings up to 39’ (12m), providing valuable data on key conditions and states within a building.

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  • PoE-network enabled - Uses Molex CoreSync PoE infrastructure for communication and control
  • Digital PIR equipped - Provides highly accurate occupancy sensing
  • Ambient light sensing - Enables daylight harvesting and interaction with other room systems
  • Temperature and humidity sensing - Optimizes HVAC efficiency and occupant comfort and productivity
  • In-fixture mounting - Increases accuracy of local sensing and reporting
  • Individualized sensing - Optimizes energy savings; granular occupancy status

Motion Sensing: Digital Passive IR
Detection Distance: 12 m (39.3696 ft)
Detection Range (Horizontal x Vertical): 102°x 92°
Detection Zone: 92 Zones
Ambient Light Sensing: 0-94.8 FC (0-1020 Lux) Photo IC
Operating Temperature: 60°C (140°F) max
Power Source: PoE
Standby Power: < 1W
Enclosure: ABS Plastic

IEC 62386-101:2014
IEC 62386-103:2014

Molex CoreSync Bus Harness, Micro-Fit type, 4 pin