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CoreSync LED Cable Harnesses for PoE Gateways and Drivers


Part No: 180777-04XX, 180887-04XX, 180778-04XX, 180888-04XX

Region: americas northern-europe

CoreSync LED Cable Harnesses provide seamless installation, maximum flexibility and robust connections.

CoreSync LED Cable Harnesses connect a CoreSync PoE Gateway to a CoreSync Smart LED driver, providing low voltage power distribution and data communication necessary to control LED fixtures, sensors, and actuators. The Harness system also helps minimize the number of PoE ports by “daisychaining” from fixture to fixture. CoreSync LED Cable Harnesses are built around Molex’s rugged Micro-Fit 3.0 connector system and are available in a variety of lengths in 2 finished assembly styles: shrink tube or overmolded.

Full list of part numbers: 180777-0405, 180777-0410, 180777-0430, 180777-0450, 180887-0405, 180887-0410, 180887-0430, 180887-0450, 180778-0405, 180778-0410, 180778-0430, 180778-0450, 180888-0405, 180888-0410, 180888-0430, 180888-0450

Features & Benefits Technical Info Related Products
  • Micro-Fit 3.0 Connector System - Proven reliability, durability, ease of use
  • Available in overmold or shrink tube type - Efficiency and cost control
  • Variety of lengths - Flexibility in design and layout

Current: 5A per circuit, 20 AWG
Voltage: 250VDC
Resistance: 10 milliohms
Insulation reistance: 1000 Megohm, min.

Housing: Nylon
Terminal: Copper alloy
Wire: 20AWG UL 20327 HF
Mate/Unmate: 8.0N max/ 2.4N min.
Crimp terminal retention: 24.5N

Operating: -40 to +105°C
  Non-operating: -40 to +105°C
Crimp terminal retention: 24.5N
Thermal aging, humidity cold: 20 Milliohms max.

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