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CoreSync Interface Module


Part No: 182135-1001

Region: global

The CoreSync Interface Module allows a wide selection of non-CoreSync controllers to be part of the CoreSync ecosystem by enabling two-way communication with
CoreSync control software.
The Interface Module provides connection with 0-10V inputs (source) as well as 0-10V outputs (sinks), dry contact input and output, three independent RS485 connections, and a 24V, 1A supply output. CoreSync daisy chaining technology is also included, allowing for more than one interface module to connect to the same CoreSync PoE Gateway.



UL 60730-1

IEC 60730

IEC 60929 Annex E

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  • CoreSync enabled - Uses low voltage PoE infrastructure for power and communication
  • Up to four 0-10V inputs - Integrate up to 4 individual 0-10 dimmers
  • Up to four 0-10V outputs - Integrate up to 4 individual channels for 0-10V LED control
  • Dry Contact input - Input senses a dry contact input signal from a general sensor / relay; seamless integration of third party low voltage devices
  • Dry Contact output - Drives a low voltage external relay
  • Up to 3 individual RS485 channels - Provides two ways to communicate with other third party connected products over RS485
  • 24V supply output - Provides auxiliary power to external low voltage devices (24 watts max.)

Operating Temperature: 0° C to +30° C (32°F to 86°F)
Power Source: CoreSync POE
Enclosure: ABS plastic, plenum rated

0-10V Input source Current: 2mA each channel
0-10V Sink Current: 50mA each channel
Dry Contact Input: Sources 3.3V, 1mA
Dry Contact Output: Relay Switches 30VDC, 1A
24V Supply: 24V up to 1A

UL 60730-1
IEC 60730
IEC 60929 Annex E