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CoreSync Compact LED Driver


Part No: 180996-510X, 180996-610X

Region: global

The CoreSync Compact Driver is a low voltage, DC/DC LED driver that can be programmed to specific power outputs, for driving Constant Current LED engines in a wide variety of light fixtures. Controlled and powered by a Molex CoreSync Gateway. The CoreSync Compact Driver can be embedded in a fixture or placed remotely. The Driver is connected to the CoreSync Gateway using rugged and reliable CoreSync Harness.

Full list of part numbers: 180996-5101, 180996-5102, 180996-5103, 180996-5104, 180996-5106, 180996-5107, 180996-6101, 180996-6102, 180996-6103, 180996-6104, 180996-6106, 180996-6107

Features & Benefits Technical Info
  • CoreSync enabled- Easy integration with Molex CoreSync control system
  • Class 2 device- Low voltage PoE infrastructure for power, control, and communication
  • Six programmable output current variants- Maximum flexibility and efficiency from 250mA through 1050mA
  • Integrated power monitoring- Provides valuable energy-use information
  • Individually addressable- Allows easy discovery, commissioning and control of each driver
  • Single and dual-channel options- Enables color-tuning and related lighting schemes, such as circadian rhythm
  • Dual CoreSync IO connectors- Daisy chain capable, easy connection to all CoreSync devices
  • UL2108 Listed- Safe operation and industry standard compliance

LED output voltage range: 12 -42VDC*
Standby power: 0.7W
Efficiency: 92% (typical) at 52V DC input, full load
Constant current regulation: 3% over-voltage input variation
Constant current accuracy: ±3%

Class 2 electrical device
UL2108 Listed, CSA22.2 No.9.0
FCC Part 15 Subpart B
CE, Plenum compliant

Output over-current protection
Output over-voltage protection
Internal over-temperature protection
DO NOT hot swap

Housing material: Extruded aluminum
Color: Silver-gray
Length: 95.10 mm / 3.74 in
Width: 42.00 mm / 1.65 in
Depth: 18.80 mm / 0.74 in
Weight: 98g / 3.46 oz

Ambient temperature: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F)
Storage temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Max case temperature: 75°C (167°F)
Relative humidity: 10-80% non-condensing
Environmental rating: Indoor

Dimming: PWM
Dimming type: Linear
Dimming frequency: 500Hz
Dimming range: 1-100%