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91L-Y Fibre Optic Pre-Term Harness Trunk Cable Assemblies


Part No: 91L-Y Fibre Optic Pre-Term Harness Trunk Cable Assemblies

Region: global

Molex Pre-Terminated Fibre Optic cable assemblies offer faster field installation times compared with individual field-terminated components. Ideal for Local Area Networks, Data Centres and Storage Area Networks, pre-terminated harnesses provide premium factory-controlled optical performance for optical links.

Break-out ends may be straight or staggered for convenient interconnection and can be manufactured with 900um or 2mm ruggedized pigtail ends, packed in protective tubing for shipment. Test data is supplied with every assembly.

Manufactured from Molex Tight Buffered or Loose Tube Cable, terminated with Molex high performance and reliable connectors, offer exceptional quality and premium performance.

Features & Benefits Technical Info Performance

• Available in OM1, 2 3 4 and OS1/2 fibre types
• Each cable has a unique identification number for traceability
• Available with a variety of connector types
• Pulling Eye and cable reel supplied as standard on assemblies 50m and above
• Protective tubing supports pigtail ends during shipping
• Flexible part numbering matrix for multiple options to suit each installation
• Each fibre cable assembly is factory terminated and tested for superior performance
• RoHS compliant

Optical Performance: Tested in accordance with IEC 61300-3-3 and IEC 61300-3-4

Acceptance limit for IL and RL for SM and MM

  Maximum Allowable Values (all values in dB)
Parameters MM (1300nm) SM (1310nm & 1550nm)
All1 E-2000 MTRJ All1 MTRJ 1All APC E-2000/APC
IL Values 0.30 0.30 0.50 0.30 0.50 0.30 0.30
Back reflection NA NA NA -50.0 -30.0 -60.0 -65.0

Note1 - All connector types except E-2000 and MTRJ


Cable Type OM1
Attenuation Mac dB/km 3.2/1.0 2.7/0.8 3.0/1.0 3.0/1.0 0.39/0.25
Bandwidth MHz/km 200/600 500/500 1500/500 3500/500 N/A

Single Mode Fibre meets ITU G.652.D specifications

Connector Standards IL RL
SC SM IEC 61754-4, TIA/EIA 568A/FOCIS-3, ISO 11801, Bellcore GR-326 Max 0.3dB Typical 0.2dB 50dB Typical 55dB APC>60dB Typical 65dB
SC MM Max 0.3dB Typical 0.12dB  
LC SM IEC 61754-20, TIA/EIA 568A/FOCIS-10, ISO 11801, Bellcore GR-326 Max 0.3dB Typical 0.12dB >50dB Typical 55dB
LC MM Max 0.3dB Typical 0.12dB  
ST SM IEC 61754-2, TIA/EIA 568A/FOCIS-2, ISO 11801 Max 0.3dB Typical 0.12dB >50dB Typical 55dB
ST MM Max 0.3dB Typical 0.12dB  

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